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squash stuffed with quinoa

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Acorn squash stuffed with quinoa

This was my first attempt at using quinoa. I'd had a bag of it for a month and no idea what to do with it. A friend of mine gave me her recipe for it, and I stumbled upon presentation on Pinterest for the acorn squash. This recipe is a happy marriage of the two! And it is wonderful! Please check out my blog link for a picture.


Acorn squash stuffed with quinoa, golden raisins, walnuts & sage

Adapted from recipe for Sweet Dumpling Squash Filled with Wild Rice, Golden Raisins, and Pine Nuts from Fields of Greens, by Annie Somerville. I substituted quinoa for the wild rice, celery for fennel, walnuts for pine nuts (and increased the quantity), added fresh sage, and increased quantity of red onion.


Carnival squash stuffed with quinoa, corn, and french lentils


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