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10 minute healthy crispy chicken and avocado wraps

Crispy, cheesy, and healthy, these chicken and avocado wraps are easy to make and ready in under 10 minutes.  By now I'm going to assume you all know about my burrito obsession. It all started


13 healthy krispy treats recipes

13 Healthy Krispy Treats recipes and variations to satisfy your every craving! They're crunchy, chewy, sweet, sticky and delicious squares of goodness.


15 minute crispy shrimp tacos

This quick and easy recipe for Crispy Shrimp Tacos with Chipotle BBQ Sauce is made in only 15 minutes, perfect for a weeknight dinner in a hurry! A couple of weeks ago, I joined the


20 mins parmesan crusted chicken breast {crispy and golden}

This golden crunchy easy baked parmesan crusted chicken is ready in under 25. Panko breadcrumbs, Parmesan and chicken make a great combo for this meal.


25 minute crispy breakfast potatoes

25 Minute Crispy Breakfast Potatoes - Perfect recipe for a weekend breakfast or a brunch. Easy to make only need 1 pan & 5 ingredients! (Gluten Free)


30-minute crispy baked fish

30-Minute Crispy Baked Fish: a family-friendly weeknight dish that's ready in under 30 minutes.


30-minute skillet chicken thighs with crispy garlic chips

<em>This umami-rich skillet chicken thighs recipe was developed in partnership with <a href="">Ajinomoto Co. Inc.</a></em> <br /> <br />This 30-minute, one-pan, few-ingredient dish features the genius frying technique of <a href="">Canal House’s new-classic chicken recipe</a> with the classic flavor of <a href="">Chicken with 40 Cloves of Garlic</a>. Impossibly crisp, juicy chicken thighs are topped with a tangle of garlic chips that are fried, quickly, in chicken fat. You only need four cloves for this version, but the flavor delivered seems like 40. Hit the dish with some acid, up the umami with a sprinkle of MSG, and you’re there—though a side salad of baby or bitter greens would also be great. Just toss the seasoned greens with the lemon and olive oil you already have out. If some garlic chips mosey to the salad, kismet! <br /> <br /><em>We've partnered with <a href="">Ajinomoto Co. Inc.</a> to bring you a series of recipes, stories, and videos that celebrate the fifth taste: <a href="">umami</a>. You can boost this rich, savory essence in almost any dish (like this weeknight chicken!) by adding a dash of <a href="">MSG</a>, a safe-to-eat seasoning that's pure umami flavor.</em>


3-ingredient crispy garlic broccoli

Crisp and garlicky, this broccoli packs a punch!


3 ingredient crispy rice fudge – vegan

Chocolate. Ahhhhh the splendor. Fudge?! On Yes and it is vegan too. There is something about taking your favorite chocolate bar, adding something creamy (in this case light coconut milk) and making it a smooth and silky treat. The crispy brown rice cereal adds a...


3 ingredient crispy waffles

These crispy waffles are made using just three ingredients!


3 tips for making crispy waffles

Three easy tips for perfectly crispy waffles, every time.


3 toaster oven tips for baking epic frozen fries (aka crispy!)

Learn the 3 secrets to baking delicious crispy toaster oven frozen fries every time. Load them up with your favorite toppings and dig in!


4-ingredient sichuan crispy beef

Crispy beef tossed in a umami hot sauce packed with fried shallot, chili flakes, and Sichuan peppercorns. Make this addictive dish with only 4 ingredients!


4-minute fish: crispy, lemon tilapia

How about a fast, healthy meal that's ready - start to finish - in under 10 minutes? And it's crispy and delicious, too!


4-minute perfect crispy bacon

Love bacon, but hate the mess? This kitchen hack is your saving grace. Learn how to make 4-Minute Perfect Crispy Bacon with no mess!


5 ingredient crispy chocolate nut butter bars

Full of protein, gluten free, easy to make and totally amazing


5 minute crispy coconut kale


Acai bowls with crispy buckwheat cocoa clusters

These acai bowls with crispy buckwheat cocoa clusters are super hydrating and refreshing, yet filling enough to keep you going!


A cozy holiday: crispy, pan-fried fish, a taste of the christmas eve tradition of my ancestors

Golden, Crispy Pan-Fried Fish with Lemon, Garlic-Sauteed Greens and Sliced Almonds


A cozy resolution: not missing a meat with thai-style crispy tofu & veg over noodles

Thai-Style Crispy Tofu Sauteed w/ Red & Yellow Bell Peppers, Onions, Mushrooms & Tomatoes w/ Fresh Basil & Crushed Peanuts Over Brown Rice Noodles.


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