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Bacon honey sriracha brussels sprouts on the stalk

Here is another Thanksgiving recipe idea: Roasted Brussels Sprouts on the stalk. This one is prepared with bacon and a honey sriracha glaze. This weekend, I spent some more time recipe testing for Thanksgiving. I


Brussel sprouts on the grill

This is how you make amazing brussel sprouts on the grill wrapped with bacon, they taste amazing! If you haven't found a way to cook tender flavorful brussels sprouts that you like this may be the ticket to loving them and they're a great vegetable side dish when you're having a barbecue. Try them!


Roasted spicy garlic brussels sprouts on the stalk

Brussels sprouts are brushed with spicy garlic oil and roasted directly on the stalk for a fun presentation. It is also an easy Thanksgiving side dish. I picked up Brussel Spouts Stalks last weekend at


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