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spanish flan

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Simple and creamy spanish flan

Creamy, sumptuous vanilla custard baked until it just jiggles a little has a topping of golden caramel syrup in this traditional Spanish dessert that has conquered the New World.


Spanish flan

Flan is a traditional Spanish/Hispanic dessert that can be dressed up any way from chocolate to traditional. This flan is sweet and simple, yet creamy and smooth. If you have never had flan or just couldn't seem to get it right, I can assure you that your family and friends will want the recipe.


Spanish flan

This flan is made with condensed and evaporated milk and baked in a pie dish.


Spanish flan

At out Mexican Christmas Eve Feast we served Flan for dessert.  Its my youngest sister’s favorite dessert and it just so happened to fit the Mexican food criteria!  It is a nice change from the typical desserts we eat.  Flan is a sweet custard dessert.  If you haven’t given it a try, you really need […]


Spanish flan de queso

This Spanish flan de queso is the silkiest flan that you will ever taste. The texture --- and of course the flavor --- is unbelievably rich and creamy.

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