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Baked spaghetti lasagna

This easy baked spaghetti has a sauce loaded with veggies and layers of pasta and cheese! This pasta is the perfect family friendly meal!


Spaghetti lasagna

Sort of a spaghetti casserole. The ultimate comfort food in our household, and very easy to make!


Spaghetti lasagna

This Spaghetti Lasagna is off the beaten path. It’s a wonderful holiday side that is not only elegant but also easy to make! In culinary elegance, the cliché is that there is a certain expectation of ‘complexity’ in ‘gourmet’ cooking, usually in the form of ‘couture plating’ where the presentation is given an importance akin...Read More


Left over spaghetti lasagna

Get the flavor of lasagna with the easiest layered baked spaghetti dish ever. Just mix cooked thin spaghetti with prepared sauce, layer with cottage cheese, sprinkle with mozzarella cheese, and bake. It's a perfect way to use up left-over spaghetti.


Slow cooker spaghetti lasagna

Slow Cooker Spaghetti Lasagna is a super simple way to get your lasagna fix without spending hours of your day in the kitchen! Layers of pasta, sauce, and cheese topped off with yet more cheese, this recipe is absolutely delicious! Lasagna is not a dish I make often.  It takes a lot of time to boil the noodles and cool them and then assemble everything.  Then on top of that you have to bake it and keep an eye on the oven.  I've had 'Spasagna' at restaurants before (yummy!) but I guess the idea never occurred to me to make


Zucchini and spaghetti lasagna

There really are no words to explain how food transports an ordinary day into an experience. Take the simplest of ingredients and meld them together and a pleasant and old-world style meal is now set before thee. To say what this brings to the table is not only your love but your time and imagination...Read More


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