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15 southeast asian food you must try once in your lifetime

A list of 12 food you must absolutely try from some of the Southeast Asia countries and no it does not include fried rice (that's too predictable)

Cold cucumber soup or salad southeast asian style

This is an incredible easy recipe without any cooking involved. It is perfect for hot summer days. The quantities are completely flexible just start with as many cucumbers as you want and then taste, taste, taste.



Diving into the southeast asia aquarium (s.e.a.a.)

Above: A school of catfish; Below: Sea cucumbers lying alongside a tiger cowry shell These are some of the many pictures that I took inside the S.E.A. Aquarium back in October. The sea jellies are among the list of my most favoured breed of marine an...



Southeast asian amaranth stir-fry with ginger

This incredibly simple Asian stir-fry brings out the sweet, nutty flavor of amaranth with a kick of ginger and fish sauce. It's a big hit as a side dish at Chef Phet's Laotian restaurant Khe Yo ( in New York City. For a one pot meal at ...



Southeast asian carrot salad with mint and roasted peanuts

It's disappointing that carrots are the forgotten stepchild of the the vegetable bin. They're readily available and have global diversity; they're adaptable to the flavor profile of so many cuisines. Just think - carrots quietly inhabit the backgroun...



Southeast asian chicken wings

Southeast Asian Chicken Wings Recipe

Southeast asian herb rice with sweet potato

Herb rice with sweet potato is a delicious, Southeast Asian-inspired side dish. This salad is plant-based and perfect for parties and potlucks!

Southeast asian swordfish skewers

I looove this southeast Asian marinade (it would be great on chicken or pork, too). It’s super flavorful and it blends up in minutes. This meal is healthy, lean protein, low fat AND and a beautiful presentation…the perfect meal for your summer eve...



Southeast asian pesto

I got the blueprint of this recipe from a comment in a food blog about using up an abundance of Thai basil. The flavor remind me of the flavors in a green papaya salad: spicy, tangy and salty. I usually toss it with noodles (rice, soba, wheat, etc....



Southeast asian pho

A tasty tribute to the Gap Yahs of old, this simple soup can be made with pretty much any crisp vegetable. Adjust the chile quantity according to your spice tolerance level.