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Small adventures: brown’s lobster pound + hampton beach

Dates Shmates.  It's almost Memorial Day, the sun stays out until 8pm, and berry picking season is so close you can almost smell it.  We can just call it summer right?  We're switching to #teamsummer over


3 free small appliances at kohl’s after kohl’s cash + rebates!

Oh – this is a FABULOUS deal that won't last long! Right now you can get three appliances for totally FREE by stacking discount, Kohl's Cash and Rebates!! Here’s how to do it: Choose  3 of the following 4 appliances and add them to your shopping cart: Bella Rotating Waffle Maker $19.99 Bella Panini Maker $19.99 Crockpot...Read More »


Small acts of kindness go a long way + super simple chia berry spread

Small acts of kindness can restore our hope and faith in the goodness of humans + a recipe for super simple chia berry spread.


Small apple cinnamon cake

This Small Apple Cinnamon Cake is decadent and moist with big swirls of apple and cinnamon and a sweet powdered sugar glaze that sets and crinkles when you cut into it. A few months ago,


Pasta project: another case for the small and mighty anchovy

This is not a throw together weeknight pasta. This is an audacious, lascivious, I-Can’t-Stop-Eating-This kind of pasta for nights that aren’t too warm to have the stove on for a while and lends itself…


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