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shish taouk

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Shish taouk ~ middle eastern grilled chicken

This shish taouk, middle Eastern grilled chicken, is first rubbed with a garlic-oil-sumac paste then grilled. It's served with a pomegranate-tamarind sauce.


Shish taouk with toum (chicken kebabs with garlic sauce)

When I mentioned this week's contest (Your Best Use of Lemon, Thyme and a Grill) to my wife, she looked at me and said, "There is no more perfect dish on the planet to enter into this contest than Shish Taouk." And you know what? She was right. This is a dish that she ate ravenously as a child in Lebanon, and it's no surprise why. The freshness of the lemon- and thyme-marinated chicken, the addictive qualities of the toum (garlic sauce), the salty chew of the grilled halloumi, and the spice and sweetness of the peppadews and the grilled lemon make every bite a celebration. We love this served on Syrian bread, but it would also be great alongside some rice or couscous.

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