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sauteed green beans with

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Sauteed green beans with bacon

Because all vegetables are better with a little bacon! But as always, still a healthy side dish!


Sauteed green beans with mushrooms

A delicious side dish made with fresh green beans from the garden.


Sauteed green beans with roasted tomato sauce

A quick and easy recipe for fresh green beans served with a delicious roasted tomato, garlic and oregano sauce.


Easy sauteed green beans with bacon

Easy Sauteed Green Beans with Bacon is a delicious way to cook fresh green beans and it's a lighter, healthier side dish than the traditional casserole.


Sauteed green beans with persimmons

Persimmons. A totally underrated fruit. And all too rare here in Tennessee (at least, I haven't seen much of them). I remember going through a persimmon phase when we lived in California, and it was there that we first created this dish for Thanksgiving, years ago during our BB (before blog) era (related: if Thanksgiving falls and it is not blogged, did it ever really happen?) I kid, of course, but I am sure there were many recipes lost and forgotten because of the lack of a blog on which to record it. When I saw a pile of (somewhat sad-looking, admittedly) persimmons at the market, I realized that it had been years since I'd had the fruit and I had missed it, dearly. I quickly crawled out of my nostalgia, threw a half-dozen of the least-bruised fruits into a bag, and decided to recreate that original dish for this year's feast. Let me just say that the contrast of the crunchy green beans and soft, creamy persimmon was ideal, bringing a perfect element of sweetness to an otherwise


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