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Rosemary sweet potato fries

Sweet and savory fries that are baked rather than fried. Healthy fries at their finest!


Rosemary sweet potato fries

A local restaurant got me hooked on sweet potato fries. I started making them at home with different seasonings to match the taste. I'm thrilled with the results! —Jackie Gregston, Hallsville, Texas


Savory rosemary sweet potatoes

Melt in your mouth Savory Rosemary Sweet Potatoes...these are our favorite sweet potatoes! Move over sugary sweet -sweet potatoes's all about these savory rosemary sweet potatoes now! We had an early Thanksgiving over the weekend, and I brought these thinly sliced buttery rosemary sweet potatoes and they were a hit! This is now my go-to recipe when it comes sweet potatoes, it's so good! You'll have to try them this year for your big Thanksgiving Feast! I've shared my love for this ceramic mandolin before, because it's such a big kitchen helper when you need to slice vegetables really


Rosemary sweet potato jojos

These roasted sweet potato wedges- or jojos as we call them in the Pacific Northwest- are excellent as a fall appetizer dipped in a little truffle aioli (or mayo mixed with truffle oil if you want a quick fix!) Also great as a side dish!


Rosemary sweet potato bread wreath with baked camembert

This pull-apart sweet potato bread wreath made with baked Camembert center makes a stunning holiday appetizer and centerpiece.


Rosemary sweet potato chicken pot pies

These rosemary sweet potato chicken pot pies are total comfort food, and use a few handy shortcuts to get dinner on the table even faster.


Sea salt-rosemary sweet potato chips

This sea salt-rosemary-sweet potato chips recipe calls for slices of earthy sweet potatoes to be fried and seasoned with salt and minced fresh rosemary.


Rosemary sweet potato stacks

Crispy, cheesy handheld appetizer, perfect for a holiday gathering.


Roasted rosemary sweet potatoes

Roasted Rosemary Sweet Potatoes - Sweet and savory roasted sweet potatoes seasoned with fresh rosemary and nutmeg.


Rosemary sweet potato rolls / pizza dough

This versatile recipe will make your holiday dinner prep so much easier! Rosemary Sweet Potato Rolls or Pizza Dough. Your choice!


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