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Orange sugar rollouts

When my children were young, we would bake and decorate these cookies every Christmas. Now I carry on the tradition with my grandchildren.


Rollo de queso

The Bolivian Rollo de Queso is a delightful snack of a light fluffy cheese filling rolled up inside a deliciously rich and slightly crumbly crust. Glazed with an egg wash spiked with aji chili pepper, it was a mainstay for our midafternoon snacks. — Provided by Eric Villegas, Culinary Specialist, on behalf of Physicians Mutual Insurance


Pumpkin-shaped rollouts

These cookies, cut out in the traditional pumpkin shape, have a non-traditional Halloween flavor added—orange peel. They're delicious! —Margaret Hancock, Camp Verde, Arizona


Cinnamon rolls – rollos de canela

These delicious cinnamon rolls have the perfect combination of spices to make them the perfect breakfast for fall cold mornings!


Orange olive oil rolls – rollos de aceite de oliva y naranja

Lately I’m way too sensitive, any comment I take it too personal and affects me more than it should. Suddenly I feel like there are too many negative opinions spinning around me. Exercise, cooking and writing in Sweet Cannela helps me a lot to relax and to dismiss those thoughts, so I will be around...Read More


Vanilla butter rollouts

Even cooks who normally shy away from cut out cookies can make these with confidence. The dough is so easy to work with after a mere 30 minutes of chilling. —Colleen Sickman, Charles City, Iowa


Rum rollover

A delightful cocktail of orange, pineapple, coconut rum and grenadine...smooth.


Rollo bites

These are a delicious crunchy snack and dessert. They make a great to go snack. They may not be the healthiest but it is the most delicious snack!


Oatmeal rollout cookies

For special events, my mother would bring these cookies to the rural school I attended. She decorated each cookie with a student's name written in frosting.—Sally Gores, Almena, Wisconsin


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