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roasted cauliflower and green

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Linguine with roasted cauliflower and green olives

A fantastic flavor combination within a simple bowl of pasta.


Sheet pan pizza with roasted cauliflower and greens

Roasted cauliflower on pizza? Why not?! This sheet pan pizza is a great meat-free dinner any night of the week.


Freekeh salad with roasted cauliflower and green olives

Freekeh is a whole grain wheat product popular in parts of the Middle East and Northern Africa. It is produced by harvesting green wheat, sun-drying, then roasting the grains. Freekeh has a unique taste all its own, with superior nutritional value. Look for it in Middle Eastern markets and some high-end groceries, or substitute almost any other cooked whole grain—farro, brown rice, wheat berries or barley, for instance.


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