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ricotta poppy seed pancakes

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Lemon ricotta poppy seed pancakes

These fluffy and tangy Lemon Ricotta Pancakes are a great way to start the day. Stake them up, drizzle with some syrup and delight your taste buds! Hey there, I'm back on a lemon kick


Lemon ricotta poppy seed pancakes

Tender, delicate pancakes infused with a bright lemon flavor, ricotta cheese and poppy seeds. Lemon and ricotta are a winning combination that gives these pancakes sweet, creamy middles and a burst of sunshine in every single delicious bite. Since I discovered fresh ricotta at my farm market for not much more money than the standard...Read More


Strawberry lemon ricotta poppy seed pancakes

A recipe for Strawberry Lemon Ricotta Poppy Seed Pancakes : Light, fluffy and moist lemon ricotta poppy seed pancakes with chunks of strawberries topped with a homemade strawberry syrup.

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