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rice and sweet

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Pork burgers with gingered rice and sweet potato fries

Dear Friends, I thought I would show you just how much take out was experienced during this storm by myself, my son and daughter!!! And this does not include the take out from our local pizzeria. I enjoy a treat of take-out from time to time but this is quite amazing to see just how...Read More


Sheet pan moroccan chicken with broccoli rice and sweet potatoes

Make dinner simple and flavorful with Sheet Pan Moroccan Chicken with Broccoli Rice and Sweet Potatoes! A blend of Moroccan-inspired spices to this 30-minute sheet pan chicken dinner!


Wild rice and sweet potato salad (+ video)

This healthy and delicious wild rice and sweet potato salad is packed full of veggies and tossed in a chili-lime vinaigrette. Post includes a recipe video!


Wild rice and sweet potato soup

Nutty wild rice and sweet potatoes in a smoky-spiced broth with applewood smoked bacon. A simple but delicious and comforting soup

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