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red pepper paste

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Jean anderson's sweet red pepper paste (massa de pimentão)

Jean Anderson applies the magic of slow-roasting to a traditional Portuguese preserved red pepper sauce, in this genius recipe from her cookbook <strong><a href='' target=' blank'>The Food of Portugal</a></strong>. Use it to marinate chicken or pork, sauce grilled fish and vegetables, and top pizzas and sandwiches.


Portuguese red pepper paste

This red pepper paste from David Leite is an amped-up version of a Portuguese staple massa de pimentao. This includes wine, garlic, paprika, and spices.


Watercress in miso, red pepper paste & sesame marinade

A simple vegan side dish, crunchy watercress is slightly wilted in water and then tossed into a flavorful marinade made with red miso, red hot pepper paste, sesame oil and garlic. Light, healthy and delicious!

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