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Beef and radiatore pasta

Jump to Recipe Print RecipeBeef and radiatore pasta is the recipe you’re going to read about today, radiatore pasta is just a type of pasta you can see how the shape of the pasta is, isn’t that beautiful? I love the shape but you can […]


Meatless monday: roasted butternut squash radiatore pasta recipe

Our entire family is vegetarian except for little Aria and me so Meatless Monday isn


Radiatore with spicy sausage-tomato sauce

A real crowd pleaser: a rich, meaty tomato sauce with a building warmth that lingers on the tongue. Radiatore clings to the meat crumbles, and the tomato/onion/red pepper confit slides into the spaces between. The recipe as shown is made fairly slowly, the flavors developed through long caramelization. The quality of the sausage is paramount -- the recipe works best with a spicy sausage you'd happily broil up and eat with a fork, no sauce required.


Italian sausage and radiatore pasta

A delicious one-skillet meal made with a quick and easy homemade pasta sauce.


Shrimp radiatore

An amped up version of a south Louisiana pot-luck favorite...


Radiatore pasta with ramps, sundried tomatoes and peas

This dish arose from a dialog with my 5 year old over what he wanted for dinner, which went along the following lines: <br />I: Mommy I want pasta for dinner. <br />Me: OK, could you get me the jar of pasta sauce from the fridge please? <br />I: NO.. I want it with olive oil and pepper & Italian herbs. <br />Me: Can I add some broccoli? <br />I: NOOOO... <br /> <br />Dad interjects.. <br /> <br />I: OK mommy, you know broccoli is reeeally good for you and I'm a BIG boy, almost 6 yrs (he turned 5 in December, by the time January rolled around, he was 'almost 6') <br /> <br />Considering that I was trying to bring down my levels of pasta hoarding, he got what he only concession, I used a lemon flavored EVOO (extra virgin olive oil).. & at the end of it, I was greedily sneaking as much as I could from his plate! <br /> <br />There is something to be said about the pure joy of scarfing down pasta dressed simply with EVOO, salt, pepper & a few pinches of dried herbs. The aroma just drove me nuts, not to mention the squelchy feel of pasta being chewed! So of course I had to make it again, this time with a bit of grown up veggies thrown in, The first time I made this, ramps were in season, but for subsequent sessions, I used scallions. <br /> <br />Pair with a glass of chilled Pinot grigio <br />


Cashew pesto radiatore pasta salad

Radiatore pasta look very similar to rotini shaped pasta but they


Zucchini radiatore (vegetarian pasta recipe)

I love the vegetables my husband has been harvesting this season. We


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