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Au gratin potatoes on the grill

Au gratin potatoes cooked on the grill are a simple and delicious accompaniment to a meal.


Baked potatoes on the grill

Make delicious baked potatoes on the grill the next time you're cooking outdoors using this no-brainer technique.


Baked potatoes on the grill with onion

You've never had baked potatoes on the grill like these: The onions and butter just melt in, creating a tender, moist, and flavorful potato.


Campfire potatoes on the grill

If you are a camper, you have probably at some point made campfire potatoes. It is an easy dish to make with minimal cleanup. But campfire potatoes can really be made anywhere you have an open flame and we love to make them at home on the grill. Not only are they delicious, but they...Read More »


Jason’s famous potatoes on the grill

Because we grill about 85% of our food 80% of the year, we have lots of experiment time. These potatoes have won rave reviews from family and friends consistently since we perfected the recipe a few years ago.


Roasted potatoes on the grill

These roasted potatoes on the grill are a cinch to make--just potatoes, garlic, oil--and means you don't have to blast the oven for a side at your next bbq.

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