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Cookie plan monday!

Hey friends! This post is in the process of being filled up with recipes. There are already several to choose from but make sure you come back in a day or two because there will be even more! Christmas is on the way which means it’s time for this year’s Cookie Plan Monday! We’re sharing tons […]


Meal plan monday 198

Hey friends!!  Welcome to another super delicious edition of Meal Plan Monday!  We have some seriously amazing-looking recipes to share with you this week!  We just know you’re are going to find tons of great recipes this go-round!  Just keep on scrolling.  We’re so happy to have you back with us again! Let’s start by …


Menu plan monday: frugal fat fighters edition

Here's a peek at what we are eating this week.  I know it isn't very exciting, but we are eating from the pantry & freezer this week (although I haven't told Brad that yet!).  Produce will be mainly salad (with the Fresh Express $1 coupons), apples, bananas & squash (all of which is super-cheap right...Read More »


Menu plan monday: frugal weight watchers edition

If you haven't tried Menu Planning, I can't encourage you enough to give it a shot!  Do you have to plan every single meal?  Not if you don't want to!  But if you start by just planning a week of dinners you might find that you enjoy the reduction of chaos…the lack of the 4:30pm...Read More »


Menu plan monday: month of no spending edition

The only way that I am going to get through my Month of No Spending is by planning out our menus.  I'm a big fan of menu planning in general, but when you have decided that you will be buying only eggs, dairy, bread and produce for the month and eating from the pantry and freezer,...Read More »


Menu plan monday: pasta e fagioli soup, savory oats, kabocha squash curry, and more

Menu Plan Monday features weekly vegan, gluten free dinner menu plans that make meal preparation and batch cooking organization fun!


Menu plan monday: the “i need to go shopping” edition

I'll make a little confession:  I haven't been grocery shopping beyond milk & produce for 2 weeks. But I sort of like it…it has forced me to be creative and I am still on a mission to clear out some room in my freezer in anticipation of some serious Once A Month Cooking.  The upside is...Read More »


Menu plan monday – the use it up edition

I'm on a mission to clear out some room in my freezer in order to start doing some Once A Month Cooking (more on that later).  I also still have a healthy stockpile and did a quick inventory of my freezer and was shocked when I realized how many things that I forgot were in...Read More »

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