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pistachio semifreddo

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Chocolate pistachio semifreddo

A lightened up version of the classic Italian dessert using ricotta and cream cheeses mixed with pistachios and chocolate for a velvety, smooth frozen treat.


Raspberry and pistachio semifreddo

Fresh raspberries and pistachio nuts are folded into this rich and creamy, honey-sweetened semifreddo that's sure to impress your friends.


Strawberry-pistachio semifreddo

Layers of strawberry and pistachio-laced custard.


White chocolate and pistachio semifreddo

  Semifreddo is a creamy, luscious frozen dessert a lot like ice cream with less work. The process is quicker and doesn’t require an ice cream maker. You can make this luscious frozen dessert in mere minutes using only 5 ingredients including eggs, honey, heavy cream, white chocolate and salty pistachios. Eggs and honey whisked...Read More

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