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Copper penny

What fun. You 'd never guess from the name that this is veggie salad with disks of carrot - hence the name - celery, green pepper and onion. All marinated in a tomato soup/oil/vinegar/sugar concoction, overnight.


Copper penny salad – an easy an inexpensive salad made with carrots.

Copper Penny Salad is a tasty side dish. This is my Grandmother's recipe for Copper Penny Salad, Virginia McDowell. Jefferson City, Mo. 1969. I like to make Copper Penny Salad because it is a salad


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Give a penny, get a penny

Give A Penny, Get A Penny Most gas stations in the South have little change dishes by the register. If you’re paying for a transaction and need an extra penny or two, you simply take one from the dish. People then reciprocate this good turn by dropping a few coins in the dish from time […]


Golden penny pancakes

Small pancakes with cheddar cheese. Good with maple syrup or fruit, or on their own.


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Old fashioned rainbow copper penny salad

This Old Fashioned recipe for Rainbow Copper Penny Salad will bring you back to the good ol' days. Perfect for a potluck or holiday party!


Old-time penny candy buttons

Inspired by penny candy from the 1950's, this candy is simple combination of confectioner's sugar, meringue powder, and water.


One a penny, two a penny, pork floss bun!

Pork floss buns used to be the craze about fifteen years ago, when the Bread Talk Group emerged in the market. Back then, their buns were relatively medium-sized (not big, but not too small either) and consumers loved to watch the bakers knead their dough behind the open-concept kitchens. Nowadays, however, the breads


Penny buns

These tender and fragrant buns will please your family and charm your guests. You may substitute your favorite chopped dried fruit for the candied fruit if you wish.


Penny casserole

You save both time and money with this flavorful economical casserole.—Janet Ware Novotny, Grand Island, Nebraska


Pennypickle’s workshop

Real snow is arriving at Pennypickle's workshop in Old Town Temecula. This children's museum is great for hands on experiences and field trips. Events here.


Penny-pinching arugula stuffed eye round

When I hear the word "feast," I think of something luxurious. When push comes to shove, there's no better roast than Anne Seranne's Rib Roast of Beef, as put forth in Amanda's Essential New York Times Cookbook. Given the choice, that is what I would prepare for the extended family at every gathering. However, lacking the strength to continually pry the Spouse's fingers off the credit card, I usually have to settle for something a bit less extravagant. Enter the oft-maligned, oft-overcooked eye round. Skewered with sauteed arugula and bacon, studded with garlic, parsley and parmesan, cooked rare and sliced thin, it could even make you forget about a standing rib roast, especially when accompanied by several lovely bottles of cabernet. This recipe is adapted and expanded from an earlier one.


Penny prints from snapfish

Penny prints from Snapfish are back! I know you're behind on printing photos (so am I) so take advantage of this Snapfish coupon code so you can catch up!


Penny’s apple brown sugar coffee cake

Not all apple cakes are the same. This one is the perfect mix of sweet apple and spiced chocolate crumb. —Silvana Nardone, Brooklyn, New York


Penny savings challenge

Fun printable penny savings challenge where you can save over 600 dollars in one year just by savings pennies a day. Great way to teach kids how to save money and see it really add up. Shows you how much you'll save with just a penny or a dime each day!


Penny’s carrot cake

Almost a fruit cake, chock full of goodies, with very little cake! Moist and fruity, spicy and gooey, the BEST Carrot Cake EVER! This recipe is very versatile, in that you can make cupcakes, sheet cake, loaf pan, tube pan and even a layer cake with the batter, just be sure you adjust the time.


Penny’s easy cranberry chicken

Why have cranberries only at the holidays? This is my mom's recipe. It is a family favorite that even my slightly picky kiddos like. If you didn't stock up on cranberries during the holidays, my Mom uses dried cranberries that have been soaked in water in a pinch! Serve with brown rice. Enjoy.


Penny's smoothie

Banana, blueberries and peaches blended with yogurt and fruit syrup. Use any flavor of syrup to taste. My kids like to freeze this for ice pops.

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