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Cranberry-walnut flatbread cracker bites – holiday recipe

Cranberry-Walnut Flatbread Cracker Bites - a quick & easy holiday recipe #WaysToWow #Ad @Target


Coconut flatbread

Neither naan nor a tortilla but something totally deliciously awesome that is its own thing. Something that with a dash of cinnamon and sugar could be a dessert, but is also flavorful and nice on its own.


[recipe] 4 ingredients chickpea & coconut flatbread / besan roti, vegan friendly & gluten free

Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper – this is what I like to achieve with my meal plan as best as I can.  I must admit at times this may not be possible with a 9 to 5 job especially when there were times I worked through […]


Pear, blue cheese & walnut flatbread


Butternut flatbreads with beets and goat’s cheese truffles

Meatless Monday Butternut flatbreads with beets, goat's cheese truffles and toasted pumpkin seeds. Topped with roasted chickpeas and beetroot-feta pate.| Page 1


Fig goat cheese hazelnut flatbreads

An explosion of flavors: spelt flatbreads topped with figs, blue goat cheese, salami and caramelized hazelnuts. And for the kids version, bell pepper, salami and Gouda.


Turnip greens and pine nut flat breads

If you've got a bag of chopped greens in your fridge, try this: Pita bread spread with hummus, topped with wilted greens, pine nuts, lemon and salt.


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