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neapolitan pizza

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Autentica pizza napoletana (authentic neapolitan pizza)

As a born and bred New Yorker having worked as a pizzaiuolo (Italian for pizza chef) in my youth, I thought I knew what pizza was supposed to be. That is, until we took our first trip to Italy. It was then that I discovered that New York pizza couldn’t hold a candle to “real” Italian Pizza.


My adventures with neapolitan pizza pie

*Forewarning: this entry is long. If you’re just looking for the dough recipe, skip to the end. But you’re missing out on lots of laughs and fun. Bye.  Lately I have been obsessed with pizza. But not just any pizza, I’m talking authentic, Neapolitan style pizza cooked in a wood fired oven…


Neapolitan pizza

This Neapolitan pizza crust is thin, crispy and has the most amazing flavor. My homemade pizza-making is forever changed!


Neapolitan pizza and honey whole wheat dough

Traditional neapolitan pizza on a honey whole wheat crust. Light, healthy and fresh!


Neapolitan pizza crust.

Amazing soft and chewy crust that tastes like it's fresh out of an authentic Italian Brick Oven!


Neapolitan pizza dough

Neapolitan pizza is a magical thing. The crust has a tang. Real flavour. Not that drab, everybody eats around it stuff. And it starts with the dough. This isn’t your everyday pizza dough. Get this right and you will make better pizza than you can buy. For real. If you want to learn about Neapolitan...


Thin crust neapolitan pizza recipe

This Thin Crust Neapolitan Pizza Recipe is an amazing indulgence and as close to restaurant quality as you can get without a pizza oven!

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