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Easy mixed vegetables and pork rice

This easy mixed vegetables and pork rice could be done in a rice cooker and you will have a hot and healthy meal within 1 hour.

Mixed vegetables and chicken pasta soup

Nutritious, simple, hearty and brimming with beautiful colours of the various vegetables, this delicious soup is perfect for chilly evenings

Peanut noodles with mixed vegetables and peanut sauce

I love peanut sauce and I firmly believe that anything slathered in peanut sauce automatically goes from good to great. Including simple rice noodles and whatever vegetables are lingering in the crisper drawer. Now that school has started and dinners...

Savory comforting upma with mixed vegetables and lentils

Although I did not grow up eating Upma, I often had it at friends and my in-laws' homes and I was hooked to the soft creamy (polenta-like) texture, and loved its versatility and ability to customize to what you have on hand in your fridge or pantry, ...