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Organic marshmallow hearts and mittens for cocoa

Organic Marshmallow Hearts and Mittens are perfect for winter hot cocoa and so easy to make with a silcone mold.  Can life get much cozier?


Sew your own mittens

Ever wanted a pair of mittens to match a certain sweater or coat? Here's a very simple tutorial on how to sew your own mittens so you can have them to match any outfit! You only need an old sweater and a sewing machine to make these! Head over to A Beautiful Mess to learn...Read More »


Kittens n mittens cake

Furry friends from Julie Todd's party set inspired our home economists to bake a "purrfect" complementary cake. Wait and see—guests are sure to be drawn to this dessert...quicker than a cat to a mouse. Using a standard cake mix to keep their creation on the quick-and-easy side, our kitchen staff simply shaped felines and mittens using Julie's fun patters Then food coloring brightened up old-fashioned frosting to form spots, hearts whiskers and other details. For a final flavorful twist, licorice added scarves for both Mama and baby. It's kittenish treat folks won't be able to keep their "paws" off of. So don't count on these critters lasting nine lives!


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