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Black glutinous rice and coconut milk dessert soup

Have you ever tried dessert soup? This Black Glutinous Rice and Coconut Milk Dessert Soup is one of the easiest dessert you can make. Just soak, boil and sweeten! It’s sweet, slightly nutty, little chewy with a hint of coconut. Serve it hot in winter and cold in summer. Unique and tasty!  Today, I’m sharing a...Read More »


Carnation milk dessert

While living in Africa as a young bride many moons ago I met a couple that had lived there most of their married life even though they were Canadian. Jean and Ralph...a lovely couple and boy could he dance and the funny thing was you didn't need to!! When he took you on the floor you became an expert too and I always felt like Ginger Rogers floating around in his arms!! This is a recipe they shared with me one night while dining at their place and I'd like to share it with all of you.


Easy tapioca pearls coconut milk dessert

Easy Tapioca Pearls Coconut Milk Dessert- Soft and chewy tapioca pearls are served in creamy and sweet coconut milk is a simple yet delicious dessert and learn how to cook tapioca pearls correctly. Tapioca pearls


Seviyan kheer | vermicelli and milk dessert | how to make seviyan kheer or vermicilli pudding

Seviyan is a classic Indian dessert made with milk and vermicelli. It is immensely loved by people having a sweet tooth and is often made in all Indian homes during festivals.


Traditional basundi -a classic indian milk dessert

Simmered over hours to attain the silky thick consistency of wholesome milk, basundi is pure delight. Enjoy this milk dessert, this festival season.

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