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meatball calzone

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Cheesy meatball calzone

Looking for a simple calzone recipe? This cheesy meatball calzone is easy to make and will soon be a favorite.


Italian meatball calzones

Using Italian-style frozen beef meatballs or refrigerated turkey meatballs is a great time-saver. To add crunch and color, drop in roasted red or green pepper strips. Dave Bremson, Plantation, Florida


Meatball calzone

A healthy take on calzone!


Meatball calzones

My family can’t get enough of this savory entree. We have to have it at least once a month, or everyone goes through withdrawal. Leftovers freeze well for a quick meal later. —Cori Cooper Flagstaff, Arizona


Meatball calzones

Recently we made an Amazing Whole Wheat Pizza Crust and back in December we had Turkey Meatballs.  I was thinking perhaps these would be good together in a calzone.  This was a first attempt and they turned


Meatball calzones

These Meatball Calzones are a real crowd pleaser, fun and easy to make. A hearty, simple and perfect family meal.


Skillet meatball calzones with herbed butter sauce

Calling all calzone, pizza and meatballs lovers, have we got the perfect recipe for you!

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