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6 reasons why you should avoid multi-level marketing

If you are a mom and one of your New Year Resolutions is to add more income to your family, you may be looking at a Multi-Level Marketing company (AKA a “home party business”) as a way to help your family.  We have all been invited to those fun (and sometimes not-so-fun) home parties where...Read More »


Guess the food #5: marketing gimmicks

Sometimes the marketing that companies use to sell products, especially when it comes to food, just makes me steam. Today’s Guess The Food is chalk-full of random marketing gimmicks that are supposed to lure you into purchasing the product. I really like this Guess the Food mainly because it’s not some super-extravagent thing. It’s an […]


Marketing your blog – quick notes

Marketing Your Blog by Christy Jordan Quick notes at a glance Food Blog South 2011 Note: I spoke for about an hour and held a question and answer session to address specific needs of the audience. These are my basic notes of things I went over which I feel hold the most importance in building […]


The internet kitchen: mcmarketing

I’m kind of blown away by the response that the return of the McRib sandwich is getting.  McDonald’s is using such a classic marketing ploy and it just is so impressive to me how well it works. Create scarcity for a thing and people will clammer for it.  Take away a sandwich, even if that sandwich […]

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