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maple and mustard glazed

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Maple and mustard glazed turkey with killer gravy

This sweet and tangy butter tucked under the turkey skin, plus roasting in a steamy environment, makes for moist and meltingly tender meat with a rich flavor. I lay awake in bed one night, puzzling how to get the butter under the skin without making a greasy mess, and came up with the trick in this recipe. Using vegetables to flavor the gravy is a technique I learned from a friend in Germany, and star anise is the one ingredient my German mother has always included in her chicken or turkey soups, so naturally, I have to sneak it into my gravy, for a subtle and elusive flavor note.


Maple and mustard glazed chicken

After having made several sweet maple recipes it was time to make a savoury one. I remembered seeing a tasty looking maple and mustard glazed chicken dish on Noble Pig that I had bookmarked to try. Honey and dijon mustard are a classic combination that I really enjoy and I had no doubts that the maple dijon combo would be just as good. Recently I have come to really appreciate mustard and one of the things that I liked about this recipe was that it used a grainy mustard in addition to the Dijon mustard for extra flavour and a


Maple and mustard glazed gammon with star anise and orange plum sauce

Here's my recipe for the most delicious Maple glazed gammon roast to serve this holiday season, with a star anise plum and orange sauce.| Page 1


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