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How to make your own almond butter


How to make your own apple chips

This post will show you how to make your own apple chips in the oven. You only need one ingredient (apples!) and they're so easy to make!


How to make your own apple cider vinegar

Homemade vinegar is different than the store bought vinegar. It has a rich taste, is loaded with health giving properties, and it's super easy to make.


Make your own almond milk

Ever wondered how to make your own almond milk? Believe me, it's easier than milking a cow! Diary free goodness in your own kitchen. And the kids can help!


Make your own aloe water to hydrate + heal on the inside

Get the healing benefits of aloe vera inside out with a cucumber aloe water recipe and a soothing aloe coconut milk dry scalp mask.


Make your own avocado caesar

We love Caesar Salad around here and make it frequently, especially during the Summer, either as a side or boosted with a little something extra as a complete meal. This one can be either. I like to put some of the ingredients in separate bowls so that we can actually make our own for our individual tastes. This version pairs creamy avocado with briny anchovies, Parmesan, crispy croutons and of course, romaine lettuce!


Quick boiled frosting – you don’t always have to reach for a can of frosting, you can make your own at home with our recipe.

This frosting is made from brown sugar, evaporated milk, and miniature marshmallows.  You can dust the frosting with coconut.  This is from the archives of my grandmother, Ethel Eynard.  Jefferson City, MO.  1971. Quick Boiled


Yes, you can make your own apple cider vinegar! here’s how.

We'll show you how to make your own apple cider vinegar at home. It's cheaper than store-bought and it's way easier than you'd expect!

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