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m oatmeal bars

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Caramel m&m oatmeal bars

Delectable cookie bars packed with all sorts of goodies for your sweet tooth! The batter comes together quickly and easily and bakes up in 20 minutes!


M&m oatmeal bars (made with baking mix!)

*If you have a service member overseas, these cookies are my most requested recipe to send. They travel very well and stay moist. I’ve had packages take as long as three weeks to arrive, only still get rave reviews when I’d tucked these bars inside! If you can, send a package. It make a world […]


Raspberry jam oatmeal bars

These Raspberry Jam Oatmeal bars are a quick and easy dessert or snack idea! Change up the flavor by changing the jam! Y'all know I love easy recipes. The easier the better usually! :) I

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