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10 meatless monday recipes you can’t live without!

#MeatlessMonday started as a trend but is sticking, thank goodness!  If you search my blog you will find lots of meatless meals to choose from. It’s always amazing to me how we can enjoy so many satisfying & filling meals without the meat.   Here...


12 essential tools that we can’t live without

What are the hardest working tools in your kitchen? Here are the 12 kitchen tools that our Simply Recipes contributors consider most essential. We can't imagine cooking without them!


15 noodle bowls you can’t live without

15 Noodle Bowls You Can't Live Without ~ that's right, these are game changing meals inspired by the iconic bowls of Japan, China, Thailand, Korea, and Vietnam. Rich flavorful broth, amazing noodles, and piles of colorful, healthy toppings make these the 15 Asian noodle bowls you really do need in your life.


21 pumpkin recipes you can’t live without!

Around here the weather is changing a whole lot. Fall is in the air & there is snow in the highest peaks. The 14’ers around Telluride,CO are taking all our rain & turning it into snow. It’s really amazing! With that cooler air, my mind...


5 beauty products i can’t live without

I’m not one who needs to feel fully made-up to run to the grocery store. But there are two things I won’t leave the house without, and a few others that I use on a daily basis. 1. Foundation First is my foundation. I love love love this bareMinerals Matte loose powder foundation by Bare...Read More »


5 kitchen gadgets i can’t live without

Every chef has her own tricks and hacks. These are the top 5 kitchen gadgets I can't live without. They make cooking so much easier and way more fun!


5 pie recipes you can’t live without

Impress your dinner guests with the 5 Best Pie Recipes on the internet. You haven't really lived until you've tasted these pies! All 5 recipes in one place.


5 sensational shrimp recipes you can’t live without

Shrimp lovers will delight in these 5 Sensational Shrimp Recipes. Deliciously simple to make, you need all five of these amazing recipes in your life!


Can't live without you garlic infused olive oil

How many times do you peel, mince, crush or slice garlic to cook in olive oil? And how many times do you have to take the garlic out before continuing the recipe? Well garlic and I are together almost everytime I cook. So I decided to make life simple and make my own Garlic Infused Olive Oil and have it handy for all the recipes that call for garlic. The bottle goes down pretty quickly, I assure you, and without the hassle of dealing with garlic all the time.


Egg hacks you can’t live without

Fun egg hacks showing serious egg cooking skills you can't live without. Love how to use plastic bottle to separate egg yolks from egg whites


My favorite kitchen tools i can’t live without

I have been going to write this post for fun for a while now and it always seems to get put on the back burner, probably because it doesn’t actually include food and the food posts always win, lol. But I am experiencing a bit of empty nest syndrome on the weekends because my daughter...Read More »


One of my many nicknames + kitchen tools i can’t live without : part one + chai eggnog (plant based)

I have about 999 nicknames, plus when it comes to whole food plant-based cooking, here are my kitchen tools I can't live without


Spoonbread…you can’t live without

Last week my region's local newspaper, The Oregonian, FOODday , put out a call for reader recipes, but wanted to receive them as Tweets.  With that, a Twitter recipe contest was born, and that meant whole recipes were to


The kitchen gadgets i wouldn’t want to live without

The 5 kitchen items I humbly recommend all home cooks have in their kitchen.


The podunk-ness continues – kitchen tools i can’t live without part two + oil free refried beans (instant pot + stove top)

Part 2 of kitchen tools I can't live without and instant pot oil free refried beans recipe. You will never have to buy refried beans in a can ever again


Things i can't live without: fish sauce products



Things i can't live without: green valley organics kefir

This is the start of many more videos revealing the things I can

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