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Butternut squash lasagne with fried sage leaves

I adapted this from the kitchen at Gould Farm in Monterey, MA. The fried sage leaves were just a by-product in the original recipe--I munched on them as I put the lasagne together, but putting them on top? It made it!



Classic beef lasagne with spinach pasta

An easy, classic beef lasagne made with fresh spinach pasta, a simple and delicious cheese sauce and a crispy mozzarella topping. The ultimate comfort food recipe, made from scratch. Lasagne is the perfect meal for

Courgette quinoa lasagne with a cinnamon yoghurt béchamel

Introducing you all to this gorgeous summery courgette (zucchini) and quinoa lasagne all topped up with a cinnamon yoghurt béchamel sauce. Culinary masterpiece I tell ya.

Four cheese butternut squash lasagne with spinach

This vegetarian twist on a classic pasta dish is the perfect comfort food! This four cheese butternut squash lasagne is layered with spinach and mushrooms.

Healthy lasagne with turkey, pesto & peppers

This lasagne may be short on calories and fat, but it's packed with flavor.

Lasagne with artichokes and mozzarella

The flavour of the artichokes mixed with pasta, béchamel and mozzarella topped with a crispy layer of Parmesan. This Lasagne will be your Sunday's favorite!

Lasagne with pumpkin and leek

And finally our last recipe to get rid of the pumpkin leftovers you still have in your fridge! This delicious lasagna with pumpkin and leek will satisfy all the avid lasagna-lovers, and all of their vegetarian friends too. So, roll up your sleeves an...



Puy lentil lasagne with butternut béchamel

Woah, woah, woah, have I  just created the best healthy comfort food recipe ever? Maybe, yes. Made with puy lentils, vegetable 'pasta' and a LIFE CHANGING butternut squash béchamel this nutritious vegan lasagne brings you all the taste with none of t...