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Apple, leek and english muffin stuffed delicata squash

Apple, Leek and English Muffin Stuffed Delicata Squash - the perfect entree for your vegetarian family members this Thanksgiving!


Bacon pumpkin stuffed shells

Bacon Pumpkin Stuffed Shells: About as fall as a pasta dish gets. Crispy bacon and creamy Gouda and pumpkin all in a baked pasta!


Bacon wrapped pork loin stuffed with walnuts and rice

This wonderful meal will rival anything you can find in a restaurant, use it to impress friends and family without killing your budget. The ingredients are humble and easy to get, and if butterflying the roast is intimidating just ask the butcher to do it for you. <br />The stuffing has a warm rich flavor that plays up the earthiness of the walnuts and mushrooms in a nice contrast to the sweet fruit and maple syrup glazed bacon. The fresh sage hidden under the bacon wrapping helps to baste the pork with a soft sage flavor that intensifies when you find a cooked sage leaf to eat with the pork. It’s a great winter meal that just calls out for a glass of red wine and good company.


Baked apple-raisin stuffing

After sampling a friend's turkey dressing one Thanksgiving, I was inspired to add apples, raisins and sage to my own stuffing recipe.


Baked eggs in stuffing cups

This recipe uses up leftover Thanksgiving stuffing by molding it into muffin pans and then baking eggs in the stuffing shells.


Beef tenderloin stuffed with lobster

A beef tenderloin filet is stuffed with lobster, then cooked in wine, garlic and butter for an indisputably impressive dish.


Beef tenderloin stuffed with spinach and walnuts

Healthy and delicious beef tenderloin roast recipe with spinach and walnuts. It's satisfying enough that you won't need a side dish.


Boudin stuffed king cake

Growing up in Southern Louisiana we kept our Christmas Tree up until New Years day. As soon as the tree came down a few days later on January 6 it was


Boursin stuffed mushrooms

Easiest stuffed mushrooms ever, creminis stuffed with herbed Boursin cheese, topped with smoked paprika.


Chili cumin stuffed chicken breasts

This is a Tex-Mex twist on stuffed chicken breasts. Chicken breasts are slow cooked with green and red peppers, tomato, cilantro, and cheese.


Cider brined pork loin stuffed with curried fennel, squash and pistachio

I love food inspiration, as it often leads to something delicious. Inspired by EmilyC’s winning Crispy Cream-Braised Potatoes and Fennel, last Tuesday night I made a one-pot dinner of braised pork chops, fennel and new potatoes. Seasoned with cinnamon, whole allspice, ginger, garlic and cooked in sparkling apple cider, I added a little cream at the end for a satisfying meal, redolent with flavors of the season (well, at least where most of you are, since it is still hot and summery here in Hawaii). The next day, when this contest was announced, I knew I had to translate my one pot meal into a stuffed pork roast. I knew I wanted to brine the pork in a cider mixture, and adapted Judy Rodger’s basic pork brine from her Zuni Café cookbook to start. My first stuffing attempt involved quinoa, fennel, calvados and dried apricots; while tasty, I wanted something that would stay put in the loin when sliced and did not want to add egg to the stuffing mix. Back to the drawing board. Then, thanks to a brilliant suggestion from hardlikearmour, I decided to try adding squash to the fennel and from there the addition of curry and pistachios seemed appropriate, to contrast and mingle with the autumnal flavors of apple and spice in the pork. <br /> <br />While I usually shy away from recipes with an inordinate number of steps, I hope you do not let that deter you from this recipe. As long as you plan, the work takes care of itself, with the brining and drying of the roast. The stuffing comes together quickly, and slicing the pork loin open is easier that you might think (this was my first experience); just make sure you are not rushed as you cut (not that you should ever be rushed with a sharp knife!). The addition of braised or sauteed greens would round out the meal nicely. <br />


Coq au vin stuffed mushrooms recipe

This isn't your traditional stuffed mushrooms recipe - they put all the great flavors of coq au vin into one tasty bite. It's the perfect appetizer!


Crown roast of pork with apple raisin stuffing

Folks may be intimidated to prepare an elegant crown roast of pork, but it's actually an easy entree. Our four grown sons and their families expect this every Christmas. —Mary Ann Balam, Tujunga, California


Kickin stuffed peppers

Tired of boring stuffed green peppers? Try these baked jalapenos with a delicious cream cheese filling full of flavor! They are great as an appetizer or side.


Multigrain stuffed pepper cups

"This recipe is one of my family's favorites," remarks Judy Charbonneau of Bethlehem, Connecticut. "With its mix of healthy grains, this variation on stuffed peppers is high in fiber, low in fat—delicious!"


Pineapple raisin stuffing

A co-worker gave me this stuffing recipe years ago. I added cinnamon and raisins for even more flavor. It accompanies ham dinners throughout the year.


Plantain stuffed dates

This post is sponsored by Sprint, all opinions are 100% my own. Oh man, have I let my creative juices flow on this one. This recipe is a hit. I have never had dates taste this good plus they are stuffed with sweet ripe plantain, and I am pretty sure my guests are going toRead More »


Plantain stuffed sweet peppers



Plantain stuffing – guest post from cook it up paleo

Hello from Arizona! I am so happy to have Heather from Cook It Up Paleo guest post for me today with this Plantain Stuffing! It's genius. It's delicious. It's AIP friendly! I am constantly wowed by


Plantain stuffing recipe

We had a little bread left-over from the Superbowl party, and instead of wasting it, I turned the stale bread into a delicious side dish. I added pla

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