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Boudin noir parmentier with peas

Frugal will like this.   I had some leftover mashed potatoes and peas from the meatloaf dinner  on Sunday and decided to use them for a boudin noir parmentier.   The boudin noir was steamed by the traiteur and flavored with apples; quite good to eat with just crackers but a parmentier is always…


Boudin noir, potimarron and pommes mini casseroles

I've noticed a new thing in the market this past week, potimarron squash.   I love squash as long as it's plainly cooked; none of that 1950s marshmallows, brown sugar and nuts for me!  No ma'am! This squash is bright orange, pear shaped and derives it's name from the word for squash (potiron) and chestnuts(marron),…


Boudin noir with celeriac, fresh petit pois and apples

I saw this recipe for boudin noir at Country Wood Smoke yesterday that made me say "Hell yeah"!  It also reminded me that I hadn't done anything with boudin noir lately.  It just so happened that I was going to the butcher par excellence in the village of Gron to pick up my butterflied lamb leg and,…


Boudin noir with garden potatoes

Whenever we  come back to France after being in a cuisine challenged country, we want everything and I tend to get into freezer and refrigerator trouble.  This is especially dangerous in the summer when there are so many vegetables and fruits that we like in the market and, of course, we have to have a…


Boudin noir with pear and potato gratin

Today was boudin noir's turn to come out of the freezer.  I was pretty happy about this; our market guy makes the best boudin noir whether mixed with apples or onions or just plain and is hot and ready to eat.  Love it! In addition, I had two pears in the fruit bowl, begging to…


Parmentier de boudin noir aux deux pommes

A dish that is "parmentier" includes mashed potatoes and is similar to a cottage pie.  The two types of "pommes" in this recipe are potato(pomme de terre) and apple(pomme). Unlike the rice and pork meat stuffed boudin blanc of Louisiana fame, boudin noir or blood sausage, is a sausage made with pork blood.   I…


Poached eggs with seared boudin noir & over roasted baby potatoes.

My Favourite Irish breakfast food is " Blood Pudding" or more elegantly put Boudin Noir. This very rich, breakfast delicacy is almost impossible to make on your own, but a good butcher will have house variety special made for their location.


Spicy boudin noir tartine with pears and epoisses cheese

We went to Paris yesterday.   The plan was to check out a well recommended hair salon on the Champs Elysee, make an appointment for next week, visit the cool kitchen shop where I bought my black fork, knife and spoon, and then have a leisurely lunch at a "chichi" restaurant with the appropriate summer…


Tarte boudin noir

Yesterday, while loitering around town, drinking coffee and tasting chocolates, I peeked into the display window at the new traiteur, The Village Gourmand.   On display was an appetizing tarte of black pudding,  so I bought it, knowing that the chef/owner has an affinity for dishes made from "the nasty bits." A delicious savory pastry…


Tartine boudin noir, apples and reblochon cheese

I had a little piece of the artisanal boudin noir left over from yesterday and decided to make a tartine.   I forget who it was but someone mentioned that they had a cookbook for tartines.  Appalled that I didn't, even though I'm living in France, I felt I just had to have one, not…

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