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How to cook chicken, deglaze a pan, and make a pan sauce in 20 minutes or less!

When I first moved out on my own, and then later as young newlywed, the idea of spending even a few extra minutes or a few extra ingredients to create a sauce for a piece


20 quick vegan dinner recipes in 20 minutes or less

Healthy, hearty, and fast vegan dinners on the table in 20 minutes (or less)!


Resolutionize your kitchen and cooking: 25 meals in 20 minutes or less

25 easy meals in 20 minutes or less


Healthy pizza in 20 minutes or less

I absolutely adore pizza. I can have it everyday for the rest of my life but with all the added carbs and calories, I limit my pizza in take to 1 day a week max. Luckly,


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