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Christiana’s everything that will spoil if i don’t use it today pasta

I was about to head out of town and needed to use up the last of my scraggly produce. Easy to modify, based on your own ragtag group of lonesome veggies.


Five pies i’d make for easter. if i was cooking this weekend.

By now I am sure that everyone has read my goal, nay, my steadfast promise to myself that I am not cooking up a monstrous dinner this weekend for Easter


If i could do it all over again . . .

  My youngest started pre-school last week. I can't believe she is almost 3 and going to pre-school. Because I have been home full-time for the past year, Madeline and I have definitely grown closer.


If it’s monday it must be madurai : a conducted tour of india

If It’s Monday It Must Be Madurai : A conducted Tour of India written by Srinath Perur published by Penguin Books India is a wonderful travelogue. As usual I picked this book via Good Reads


If i were a mother

These Mother's Day recipes are the kind of dishes any mother would die for, especially if fed to her in bed. Just ask David Leite.


Is it ok if i go cry in a corner?

As a self-professed do-er of everything, it really sucks when a week comes along and metaphorically kicks you in the nuts. Oliver brought the stomach flu home 190-ish hours ago (I'm totally not counting though). Right


Jif irresistible peanut butter cookies

Let's take it back. Waaaaay back. What cookies were you baking with your mama as a kid? I was baking Jif's peanut butter cookies. My job was pressing the fork into the dough to make


Light cauliflower fried rice (can i call this fried rice if it doesn’t contain rice?)

Light Cauliflower Fried Rice (can I call this...


Vanilla fondant – does it matter if it’s black or white?

The idea came from the guy. He was munching on the chocolate fondant just the week before and asked me how the dessert would turn out if I'd used white instead of dark chocolate... No wonder so many Michelin star chefs are hunter-gathering males. I take my hat off my antitheses. Ingredients: Melted butter: 1 tbsp Icing


Would it be weird if i mentioned that my pants were unbuttoned?

Oh, y'all. Yesterday was a happy day. A happy day, indeed. It started out at my parents' house and the kitchen looked like this: (Eek! Crappy iPhone photo!) What you're seeing there is cranberry sauce

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