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Acorn squash and wild rice salad

An acorn squash wild rice salad with roasted vegetables and a citrus dressing. A tasty but light combination of fall and summer flavors.


Almond & apple wild rice salad

It's healthy and delicious! Use a mixture of red and green apples to give it a pop of color. —Dan Wellberg, Elk River, Minnesota


Amazing brown rice salad

Everyone will love this cold salad made with brown rice, dried cranberries, and balsamic vinaigrette.


Andalucían cauliflower rice salad bowl

This Andalucían Cauliflower Rice Salad Bowl is a low carb, grain-free version of the traditional Spanish rice salad. Full of healthy fats, salty, briny flavors and no cooking required!


Apple rice salad

With the classic combination of apples, celery and walnuts, this creamy side tastes like a jazzed up version of Waldorf salad. It complements most meat entrees or can be served on a bed of lettuce as a vegetarian dish.—Linda Bankauskas, Ann Arbor, Michigan


Apple rice salad with sunflower seeds

The possibilities for this salad are endless! Try wild or brown rice instead of white; scallions instead of sweet onions; or a four-ounce jar of pimentos instead of red bell pepper. —Diann Mayer, Austin, Texas


Apple wild rice salad

While I was eating my roasted pork tenderloin with apple gravy on apple wild rice I was reminded of the waldorf salad that I had recently enjoyed. One thought led to another and I was thinking about a wild rice salad with crisp fresh chunks of apple. The wild rice would have to be cooked in apple cider and chicken stock again to add all of that flavour. Crunchy celery, sweet raisins and toasted walnuts would also have to be a part of the salad. I was thinking of a simple oil and vinegar based dressing made with walnut oil


Apricot chicken rice salad

Dried apricots, a hint of mint and lime juice combine with more conventional chicken salad ingredients in this unique, easy and refreshing twist on an old favorite from our Test Kitchen crew.


Apricot wild rice salad

Nutty, fruity and packed with flavor, this make-ahead dish is a wholesome side for all kinds of entrees.” —Barbara Schulte, Payson, Arizona


Aromatic avocado rice salad with potatoes and squash

A decadent, rich, and vibrant rice salad. Dressed with a one of a kind dreamy avocado creme and studded with pan roasted potatoes and zucchini this one of a kind dish will leave you satisfied and and dreaming of avocado for days!


Artichoke bean rice salad

In her Soldier, Iowa kitchen, Bernice Knutson throws together this unique salad that takes advantage of an extra cup of cooked rice. Friends and family are sure to enjoy the cool refreshing combination of artichoke hearts, avocado, beans and colorful peppers.


Artichoke rice salad

The curry powder mixed into the mayonnaise makes all the difference. You can substitute wild rice instead of white or use a packaged pilaf mix as well. It also molds nicely and mellows in the refrigerator.


Artichoke rice salad

Marinated artichokes and pimiento-stuffed olives combine with rice cooked in chicken broth to deliver a light tasting salad with a beautiful presentation. Serve with grilled chicken breast for a delicious meal.


Artichoke rice salad

"A close friend shared this make-ahead recipe that starts with a packaged rice mix," notes Sonja Blow of Groveland, California. Curry and artichoke hearts give it a flavorful change of pace that's welcome at a picnic or potluck.


Artichoke-rice salad

This creamy Artichoke-Rice salad is flavored with curry and green olives. Makes a good choice for a potluck or picnic.


Arugula and wild rice salad

This is the ultimate Wild Rice Salad. It's loaded with peppery arugula and lots of grapes, toasted almonds, goat cheese, and fresh herbs. Then it's tossed in an easy to make tangy lemon poppy seed dressing. Serve it with a side of your favorite protein for an easy weeknight dinner or as part of a big weekend feast.


Arugula, avocado, & rice salad

This is a fantastic salad recipe when you have leftover rice and are hungrier and want a little more substance than just eating veggies. Peppery arugula, fresh tomatoes, and rich avocado dress up this rice.


Arugula & brown rice salad

When we have company, arugula with brown rice is always on the menu. It’s my go-to pick for the potluck and party circuit, and I'm always sharing the recipe. —Mindy Oswalt, Winnetka, California


Arugula wild rice salad with red wine vinaigrette

Arugula has an intense peppery flavor that makes a delicious salad. I make arugula wild rice salad because the rice balances out the intense arugula!


Asian bulgur rice salad

Some people call me the "Queen of Wheat" because I'm always telling them how to use it in creative ways. This tasty bulgur rice salad was a hit with my family. I often add cooked chicken or seafood to turn it into a main dish. —Brenda Tew of Shelley, Idaho


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