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How to make chicken and cilantro wontons

Happy Year of the Rooster! It's Chinese New Year (and Lunar New Year) in our house and I thought I would bring my husband a little taste of home by making some homemade chicken and cilantro wontons. Before I met my hubby, wontons did not really exist in my life. Being from Shanghai, wontons (or dumplings) are a thing of pride. Basically, they are life. For me, it used to be quite the opposite. I just wasn't that keen on the stuffing. I mean, I like my bacon, I am not a huge fan of ground pork... which is pretty much what all wontons are made


How to make chicken and corn soup in four simple steps

Chicken and corn soup (also called cream corn soup) is a thick Cantonese soup. Complete instruction to show you how to make it, come with a video tutorial.

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