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hoe cake

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Hoe cakes

Dick stole the hoe cake Ran through the meadow with it Hid it in a brush pile And swore he never meddled with it From Granny Will Your Dog Bite and Other Mountain Rhymes Hoe


Hoe cakes

Looking for a delicious brunch recipe? Serve these hoe cakes with some warm butter and syrup! The corn-based recipe is sweet and delicious.


Hoe cakes [easy cornmeal pancakes]

Hoe cakes [cornmeal pancakes] are sure tasty for breakfast!  Also known as johnnycakes, among other names, the cornmeal texture and flavor is sure to please!


Hoe cakes with blueberry jalapeno sauce

Hoe Cakes with blueberry jalapeño sauce add spicy zing to your breakfast table.


Southern hoe cake recipe

Hoe cake seems to be a rather elusive recipe, even among southerners. Apart from my own, I have only one friend whose family still makes it. Even among us though, the variations are vast. His family makes it using corn meal as seems to be the custom among recipes found on the web. My family’s […]


Southern hoe cakes

Southern Hoe Cakes are little cornmeal pancakes that are wonderfully crispy around the edges. Serve them warm and top them with butter.


Southern johnny cakes (hoe cakes)

Jump to Recipe Print RecipeThese Southern Johnny Cakes aka Hoe Cakes would be a great alternative to your everyday pancake.  Made with cornmeal and a touch of sugar and nutmeg. Light , Fluffy with  a delicious  crisp edge.  Hoecakes,  are cornmeal flatbreads with exceptional texture and flavor. They are sort of a minimalist approach to …

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