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How to make butter with heavy cream

Homemade butter recipe. How to make butter with heavy whipping cream that tastes great. Making butter at home is super easy.


Chicken enchiladas with heavy cream and green chiles

I've adapted this recipe and changed a few things from an old church recipe book I found at a yard sale. The key difference between this recipe and others like this is dipping the tortilla in the cream. It takes a while, but well worth the effort to me. I usually make two batches and freeze one.


Creamy beer cheese chicken with crispy bacon (no heavy cream)

Take a mild Beer Cheese sauce, serve it with beer/garlic soaked pan fried chicken breasts, and this Creamy Beer Cheese Chicken With Crispy Bacon is ready in less than 20 minutes! Beer and cheddar cheese in a creamy


Low-calorie alfredo sauce recipe (no butter, no heavy cream)

If anyone knows me or eats with me often, then they would know that I’m an Alfredo kind of person. Wherever I go, if they offer Fettuccine Alfredo on their menu, you can be pretty sure that I’ll be ordering that. Whenever we cook together and Vero asks me what sauce do I want for...Read More


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