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10 quick, easy & healthy ways to eat salmon

These 10 Healthy Salmon recipes are quick & easy to make and all done in less than 25 minutes. The best ways to get your dose of Omega 3 for the week.

12 healthy ways to eat greek yogurt for breakfast + dairy farm tour!

Love Greek yogurt? Then you'll love all 12 of these healthy, protein-packed ways to start your day with it! Plus, I'm sharing details about a recent tour to a local dairy farm!

3 healthy ways to perk up your popcorn

Whether you like your snacks sweet, savory or spicy, you'll love these 3 healthy popcorn recipes. Bonus: they only take a few minutes to make!

5 healthy ways to gain weight

For some people, gaining weight is harder than you think! If you're struggling to put on a few pounds, here are 5 healthy ways to gain weight.

5 healthy ways to use medjool dates instead of sugar

We all know by now that sugar (the refined, processed kind) isn’t great for us. In fact, it’s not only just not great, it’s doing us harm. Luckily,... Read More

Chocolate pudding the healthy way

Made with all natural, healthy ingredients. Delicious chocolate taste, but good for you!

Five healthy ways to make your smoothie green for st. patrick’s day

Here are five ways natural, healthy, and delicious ways to make your smoothie green for St. Patrick's Day or any day. Healthy Shamrock Shakes here we come.

Healthy meals monday: 10 healthy ways to cook a sweet potato

Not only are sweet potatoes DELICIOUS, but they're also one of the healthiest foods you can add to your diet. They are chucked full of so many nutrients! One medium sized sweet potato will be about 105 calories baked.

Loaded baked nachos – the healthy way!

Baked corn tortillas with loads of healthy toppings!

Loaded baked nachos – the healthy way!

Since I was young, one of my most favorite snacks has been tortilla chips with melted cheese. No, not queso dip. Cheese that is literally melted on top of the tortilla chips in the microwave. Weird? Maybe. Tasty? Yes. Gross? That is subjective.     S...