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grilled tuna steaks

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Grilled tuna steaks

"My husband and I love to grill," Michelle Armistead says of her low-fat and nearly carb-free entree. "This delicious recipe is quick enough for weeknight meals. Simply make a salad and side dish while the tuna steaks are marinating, and dinner is on the table in no time," she writes from Marlboro, New Jersey.


Grilled tuna steaks

I love tuna steaks. Marinated, seared, big, fat, juicy, tuna steaks. Last night, I put the steaks in an Asian style marinade, but you could use whatever marinade you would like!


Grilled tuna steaks for two

"After enjoying yellowfin tuna at a restaurant in southwest Florida, I came up with this recipe so I could enjoy the flavor of my favorite fish at home.” —Jan Huntington, Painesville, Ohio


Grilled tuna steaks with dill sauce

A simple sauce made with dill and mustard tops grilled tuna steaks in this simple recipe for the grill.


Grilled tuna steaks with grape and caper salsa

Grilled tuna steaks are topped with an unusual sweet and tangy salsa in this dish.


Grilled tuna steaks with spiced vinaigrette

Grilled tuna steaks are grilled medium-rare and served with watercress and parsley salad with an easy spiced vinaigrette drizzled on just before serving which means you don't have to hassle with a time-consuming marinade.


Grilled tuna steaks with tabasco tomato salsa

There isn’t really a time that there isn’t a window open in our house, besides loving the outdoors and fresh air, we also live in a one bedroom apartment surrounded by other apartments that keeps it stifling, so we just keep windows open all day long. Because it’s always warm, I’ve also been actively avoiding …


Panini grilled tuna steaks with avocado tomato salsa

I found some nice tuna steaks at the fishmonger today and wondered how I could cook them with out firing up the grill.  The grills and the smoker are just not getting used until my husband comes home in May to help me get them back in running order! So, knowing how much Roger loves gadgets, I…


Soy grilled tuna steaks

The best dishes sometimes call for the simplest recipe. These Grilled Tuna Steaks are no exception to that.

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