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grilled shrimp with lemon

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Grilled shrimp with lemon vinaigrette

I keep my marinades heart-healthy by choosing monounsaturated oils such as olive oil, and use lower-calorie spice- or citrus-based marinades, sauces and rubs to add flavor. —Amber Massey, Fort Worth, Texas


Grilled shrimp with lemon, herb, chili butter

I can hear that creepy October sneaking up on all of us. As a person who absolutely hates Halloween, I can tell you I am not excited. In my family, we have the luxury of having all of our birthdays kind of spread out throughout the year. In Mike’s family however, we are entering what I like to refer to as birthday alley. We start this month and go straight through to January with multiple birthdays each month. Towards the end of September, our weekends get a little crazy juggling birthday celebrations, equal time with both families, hanging out with friends, whatever holiday may be squeezed in, and the fleeting nights of just the two of us (and Weezer) time. And this goes on right on into the new year. I mean, not that we do anything with that alone time besides sit in sweatpants under blankets on separate couches and watch marathons of Weeds and Homeland. (Yes, I am starting another new TV series. DVR is going to be quite full this fall). I only leave the comfort of the couch to either reheat something or whip up a super easy and quick dinner. That is why, if I …


Grilled shrimp with lemon-herb sauce

A fresh and spicy main course that can be pulled together in under 15 minutes!


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