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Grandmama’s bon bons

Grandmama always made these and stored them in coffee tins in her fridge :)


Grandmama's butterbean soup

My grandmother used to make this butterbean soup to fill up our hungry stomachs after school. She died this year, but in my mind I can still walk into her house, smell the soup on the stove and then watch her, standing at her old gas stove, ladling me a warm bowl of this delicious soup.


Grandmama’s chocolate chess pie

This recipe is an old fashioned one: it is pretty simple, straight forward, and absolutely delicious. Grandmama's Chocolate Chess pie is rich and fudgey.


Grandmama’s coconut cake with no fail seven minute frosting

Grandmama's Homemade Coconut Cake is a from scratch cake with decadent (and no fail) 7 minute icing. This is a favorite of our family!


Grandmama’s failproof 7 minute frosting

Grandmama's Failproof 7 Minute Frosting is a delicious, fluffy and light tasting icing reminiscent of marshmallow cream, only better.


Grandmama’s holiday fruit salad

Alright, I know I always tell you how much I love everything I post here. Well, I decided when I started Southern Plate that if I didn’t love a recipe, I just wouldn’t post it. So I am always telling the truth when I go on and on about how good something is. This is […]


Grandmama’s orange supreme cake

This is one of my grandmama's favorite cakes so she often has it sitting under a dome on her counter whenever folks come to visit. It is very moist and flavorful, just the right thing for a hot summer's day or a picnic.


Grandmama’s tex mex dip

Grandmama's Tex Mex Dip is great for all occasions from family get-togethers, football parties, holidays, picnics or just to eat at home!


Grandmama’s wind cake

Here in Alabama, signs of spring are popping up all round. When spring peeps her pretty little head out, we know that fresh berries aren’t far behind. This cake is particularly good with fresh berries or on it’s own. It’s somewhat like an angel food cake but truly in a class all it’s own when […]


Greek chicken – and grandmama’s phone call from heaven

EVERYONE Should have this recipe in their recipe files!


How to make grandmama’s sweet potato pie or ummm…casserole?

I hope you enjoy this recipe for my grandmother's homemade Sweet Potato Pie, often referred to as Sweet Potato Casserole.


Mama and grandmama make apple dumplings

I am so excited that this is apple week for Southern Plate. The weather has turned cooler here and brought with it thoughts of beef stew and apple dumplings. Of course, I love apples cooked any way, Apple Dapple cake, fried apples, apple pie and these apple dumplings. Tonight I made a big pot of […]


My great-grandmama’s eggs goldenrod, with a kick (kick optional)

I grew up eating this usually for dinner instead of breakfast. After I moved across the country, this was the one thing I always asked for when going back home. Finally, my mom showed me how to make it for myself. Then I put the kick into it!

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