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gouda cheese sauce

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Sweet potato gnocchi with gouda cheese sauce

The cheese sauce was incredible, smooth with just a touch of smokiness from the Gouda. The gnocchi turned out light and tender. The one thing I think I may do next time is pan fry them up a bit in a tiny bit of butter or olive oil to warm and crisp them up a bit.


Roasted asparagus with smoky gouda cheese sauce

Smoked gouda lends a rich flavor that pairs nicely with asparagus to make this easy side dish that's great for both weeknights and dinner parties.


Philly cheesesteak bubble up casserole with smoked gouda cheese sauce

This Philly Cheesesteak Bubble Up Casserole with Smoked Gouda Cheese Sauce is a quick and comforting dinner that you can throw together in no time!


I broke my own rule + the plant based smoky gouda cheese sauce recipe

Most people beat themselves up for saying no more than a person receiving the no. I have no problem saying no plus a Plant based smoky gouda cheese sauce


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