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Back from disneyland!

Last week, we met up with my sister and her family in California so we could go to Disneyland, Universal Studios, and Newport Beach. It was a fun filled week with lots of adventures! My nephews


Butterscotch candy from disneyworld

These Butterscotch Candies from Disney World are so easy to make and taste amazing. Perfect for neighbor gifts or just to make and eat the whole pan yourself!


Coconut curry chicken soup from disney’s animal kingdom

This Coconut Curry Chicken Soup copycat comes from Disney's Animal Kingdom. It is so good that you just have to make it at home!


Family snapshots from disney

We just returned from a much needed family vacation. The entire time I was on my book tour, traveling and away from my kids, we were looking forward to our family trip to Disney World, our favorite place on earth to go! In fact, that was what was on my mind the entire time I […]


Green beans with garlic and golden raisins (copycat from disney’s boma – flavors of africa)

Green Beans with Garlic and Golden Raisins was inspired by a dish I had at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge called Boma – Flavors of Africa. It’s richly-flavored and slightly nutty with a good balance of


Hot fudge and peanut butter sauce sundaes aka mini no way jose sundaes from disney’s beaches and cream

  I have wanted to make these sundaes forever.  Ever since I first saw a photo of a No Way Jose Sundae from Disney's Beaches and Cream. Have you seen what those look like? I've


Peanut butter and jelly milkshake recipe from disney world

Peanut butter and jelly milkshake recipe from Disney World.


Strawberry soup recipe from disney’s grand floridian

Strawberry soup recipe from Disney World.

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