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A southern classic that is so awesome as an appetizer or side to any burger.


Weekending: frick park, graduation & the fight


Fricken' chicken

This recipe is like a boneless buffalo wing only, if you can believe it, more habit-forming. I made it for my family and then <br />the nightmare began. For about the next 6 weeks every time I asked my husband what he wanted for dinner, he would say, "How about that buffalo chicken recipe?" (I then stopped asking!) After about the fifth (or fiftieth) time, I finally had had enough and answered, " I am not making that fricken' chicken again!" Thus the name. I am giving you a recipe that should feed 3 people, but I am telling you, you should be prepared to double or triple this recipe... And I apologize up front because I know a similar moment is coming for you!


Good frickin' paprika chicken

Chef John named his delicious yogurt and paprika marinated grilled chicken as an homage to one of the best chicken take-out joints in San Francisco.


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