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Classic french potato purée - extra smooth

This is my version of what I recognise to be the best potato purée I have ever tasted - it's the Clasic French purée made by Chef Joël Robuchon who dedicated an entire book to potatoes. His secret - lots of fresh cold butter and stirring vigorously the puré. In calorie terms it's more or less the same as french fries so don't panic when you see the amount of butter that goes in it. You need to know 2 things to get a good potato purée: First it's the quality of your potatoes. Choose yellow starchy potatoes like Yokon Gold for a creamy and smooth mash as they have more moisture. The second tip is to never ever process your potatoes. Use a potato ricer or an old fashioned hand held food mill (ex. Oxo Good Grips Food Mill). Both these options purée the potatoes without making them gluey. If you process your potatoes with a hand held immersion blender or a food processor the processing releases more gluten and makes your purée like glue. This said, the recipe follows very closely Robuchon's recipe but I made a few adjustments - I have a real hard time following recipes exactly as they come in a book!


Creamy french potato salad with dijon mustard vinaigrette [vegan]

This easy, homemade French potato salad is vegan without mayo, eggs or any dairy products, and can be made well in advance. With video & step by step!


French potato and lardon pie

Classically french using ingredients you'll find in your kitchen, a recipe my mother gave me. Serve warm with salad and a chilled glass of white. Perfect for relaxed evening with friends


French potato and onion gratin

French Potato and Onion Gratin ~ this quintessential fall side dish is rustic and easy enough for a family dinner, but indulgent enough for the holidays!


French potato cake with leeks and gruyere cheese

Delicious, cheesy potato cake skillet-baked in a creamy sauce with leeks and French gruyere cheese. Serve with a green salad for bruch or supper.


French potatoes

A delicious indulgent casserole-style dish with potatoes, eggs, sausage and sour cream. This is the dish I asked my Slovak mother to make me on special occasions. Yes, it's not terribly healthy but it just feels good and homey.


French potatoes gratin dauphinoise with bacon

French Potatoes Gratin Dauphinoise with Bacon. A classic side dish made with scalloped potatoes, garlic, cheese and bacon.


French potato gratin

Move over scalloped potatoes, this dreamy Pommes Dauphinois AKA French Potato Gratin is the king of potato casseroles! Kissed with thyme and topped with a nutty Gruyere cheese, this gratin is perfect for holidays, Sunday family


French potato salad

A perfect picnic salad - no refrigeration is needed.


French potato salad

The dressing for this dish is a marinade made from beef consomme, tarragon vinegar, and a good neutral oil. Serve on lettuce-lined plates for an attractive presentation.


French potato salad

This French potato salad recipe is made with green beans, soft-cooked eggs, mustard, and a vinaigrette. It's not your mom's. It's better.


French potato salad

Here's an easy-to-make potato salad that features a fresh, zippy tarragon dressing instead of the traditional mayonnaise. This is one of my husband's favorite recipes. I like to bring along a large bowlful for picnics, potlucks and backyard barbecues.—Cheryl Ruhr, Brookfield, Missouri


French potato salad

This is a great spring and summer side dish. There is no mayonnaise in it and it's served warm or at room temperature. No need to worry about spoiling.


French potato salad with fresh herb vinaigrette

French Potato Salad is a super fresh salad with the most amazing vinaigrette with fresh herbs and is a great alternative to the usual potato salad! No mayo!


French potato soup recipe

{Pin This} This is my favorite potato soup! It is thick and creamy and perfect for a cold day. Ingredients 2 pounds gold potatoes, cut into quarters 4 cups chopped leeks, white and light green parts, cleaned all sand (4 leeks) ¼ cup olive oil Salt and pepper 4 cups baby arugula, lightly packed ½


Herby french potato salad with thai basil and garlic scapes

This tangy, mustard-based potato salad is a great way to clear out the summer herb garden. Can be made with or without lentils.


Magical french potato cake

In a Paris bistro, my husband and I ate the most amazing potato cake EVER. I asked questions, the waiter said "creme fraiche", and showed me a refrigerator with pie plates full of potatoes, weighted down by pans with cans in them. I experimented, and created the closest thing I could to that magical potato cake. The trick here is the homemade creme fraiche and pressing time with the heavy cans. It makes all the difference to this dish. <br />I make my own creme fraiche (easy) so I can infuse it with garlic.


Southern french potato salad

This no mayo potato salad recipe has a dijon mustard salad dressing. Southern French Potato Salad is a winner at potlucks & picnics. A great cookout recipe.


Tartiflette (french potato, bacon, and cheese casserole)

This potato, onion, bacon, and cheese casserole makes a rich, delicious main course served with a tossed green salad.

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