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Sugar free tropical parfait

~ Sugar Free Tropical Parfait


Gluten-free tropical banana bread with almond flour & macadamia nuts

Whether you're a gluten eater or a gluten freer-er, you're going to be AMAZED and EXCITED about the flavor and texture of this delicious Gluten Free Tropical Banana Bread with Almond Flour & Macadamia Nuts. 


Sugar-free tropical raw mango tarts

Vegan, raw recipe for tropical raw mango tarts, made with no added oil and no added sweetener. Gluten-free, grain-free, and paleo!


Silk® dairy free tropical pineapple and mango parfait

A simple 5 ingredient, 5 minute snack using Silk’s® Dairy Free Yogurt Alternative making this, one of the best Vegan** Parfaits out there! So you have heard of Silk®, right?  You’ve most likely heard about it in commercials and have seen it on shelves at your local grocery store.  Well today, I’m introducing you to a new product from Silk, it’s their Dairy Free Yogurt...


Vegan nut free tropical granola

This vegan nut free tropical granola is so crunchy and sweet, with all the tropical flavors we crave in the summertime! Low fat, gluten free and naturally sweetened. My school year teaching is officially done, so I’m in full-fledged summer mode. Which means my mind is...


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