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10 vegan recipes for chocolate lovers

Who doesn't like chocolate? I think everybody loves it! Besides, it's a super healthy food if is made with natural ingredients (no milk, white sugar, additives, preservatives, etc.). We usually buy dark chocolate, but also


Dark chocolate brownies | a recipe for chocolate lovers

This recipe for brownies is as rich & fudgy as you can get. Impossibly smooth, decadent and sexy. If you love brownies, get ready to swoon.


Microwave peanut brittles for chocolate lovers

Unbelievably easy to make, these chocolate covered microwave peanut brittles are irresistibly light with satisfying crunch. No candy thermometer, no fuss! The only reason I keep margarin in my fridge… THESE out-of this-world amazing peanut brittles! And I’m totally ok with that. Remember, I shared the easiest peanut brittle recipe earlier this year? The one […]


Recipes for chocolate lovers

A collection of recipes for every chocolate lover!

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